Four Dating Books Men Should Read

Nov 19

Dating books are generally considered as women’s literature. After all, most of the books on dating found in the bookstores target the female market. However, did you know that there are also books currently available for men to use as a dating resource? If you are a guy who is willing to bury your nose in the pages for interesting dating advice, here are the...

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Turn Friendship into Romance the Right Way!

Nov 09

Guys who are in love or at least romantically interested in their female friends know this for a fact: turning friendship into romance is not only hard but very complicated. The situation is difficult because it puts many things at risk: if the interest is expressed and the feeling is not mutual, the guy loses not only an acquaintance, but also someone he really...

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Christian Online Dating Tips for Men and Women

Nov 03

Those involved in Christian online dating need to abide by certain rules in terms of corresponding online. Just like the rest of the online dating community, Christians have to keep in mind certain things that would make their experience easier and more meaningful. As followers of Christ, they should follow the teachings even when interacting with people on the...

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What To Know About Christian Dating Service

Oct 28

If you are a single Christian thinking of trying out a Christian dating service, you have to be careful in choosing which one you want to use. There are many services for dating in cyberspace which claim to be for Christians, or atleast created for the use of Christian singles. In reality, however, these sites aren’t really made or meant for the Christian...

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Online Dating: Five Myths Busted!

Oct 21

Did you know that online dating is responsible for hooking people up, resulting in about 120,000 marriages annually? Are you also aware that despite the significant successes of love and romance in cyberspace, there are still many people who doubt the effectiveness of Internet dating? Both are true though: while many online relationships end in matrimony, there are...

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Look Your Best In Photo Dating!

Oct 14

When it comes to photo dating, you need to look your best. It is a fact that it is the profile photo which makes people decide to correspond with you or not; they wouldn’t even bother reading the profile if your photo isn’t appealing. This is why it is important for people to choose their photo carefully. The image should show the real you at your best....

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Dating the Disabled: Deaf and Blind

Oct 07

Dating in itself has its share of challenges, but dating for deaf-blind individuals is more challenging. For people with disabilities, dating can be difficult. It can be downright frustrating, especially if a deaf or blind person is dating someone who isn’t disabled. While the differences between people can make things problematic, it doesn’t mean that...

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